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Mobile Shopping - Get it Within the Hour

The Samyata app helps shoppers instantly locate products in nearby stores and get their purchases immediately.

CHICAGO, Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bodaty, a company that applies cutting-edge technology to improve everyday life, announces the launch of the Samyata retail ecosystem, an app suite designed to help shoppers buy what they want ( from local stores ( and pick up their purchase or have it delivered through personal shoppers ( Download the apps on the Apple App or Google Play Stores.

"People can now shop on their phone for exactly what they want, wherever they are and get it within the hour," says Srirajasekhar "Bobby" Koritala, CEO & Founder of Bodaty. "Fusing online and physical shopping, Samyata will help stores make more money and save the American Main Street, which is why we want stores of all sizes to come sell with us."

The three parts of the Samyata Ecosystem are seamlessly integrated to provide a geographically specific, simple buying/selling experience. Stores list their inventories on Samyata Store, providing them the benefits of an online-mobile marketplace and access to shoppers searching to buy what the stores are selling. Shoppers use Samyata to search for what they want to buy, which they find in nearby stores and can buy from wherever they are via the app. They no longer need to search through multiple stores or wait for e-commerce delivery. Shoppers can either pick up their purchase in-store or have a personal shopper bring it to them. The Samyata Personal Shopper app lets people earn money delivering purchases to shoppers near them, a more lucrative gig economy job.

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Bodaty is committed to disrupting the status quo. We are developing new platforms and apps for shoppers to buy from stores near where they are, payment systems that make it easy to pay and share expenses, family sharing apps that let grandparents share their life stories with future generations, and other such technology solutions that dramatically change the world. We utilize tools such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, AI and Machine Learning, Conversational UIs, Electron Microscopy, and other cutting-edge technologies in our products and services, to improve everyday life. To learn more visit
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